About us


Godiac Ltd, a company headquartered in the UK, prides itself on its sole mission to alleviate your struggle when it comes to sourcing those elusive and discontinued electronic components. Our business exists to facilitate your procurement process and to ensure that you can focus on your core activities without the hassle of sourcing the components you need.

Despite the fact that the establishment of our company dates back only to December of 2013, we carry a sense of pride in being a relatively young firm. We may be small in size at this stage, but our vision and ambition extend far beyond our present circumstances. We are an ambitious venture, having large-scale goals for our growth and expansion in the forthcoming years.

Godiac is an embodiment of a true family enterprise, encompassing all the virtues of a family-owned and operated business. Our size allows us to maintain the highest levels of personalised customer service, fostering an intimate relationship with our clientele, ensuring that each individual is catered to with the utmost care and attention.

Our leadership team consists of three highly experienced individuals:

1. Richard Sinclair – Our dynamic Managing Director.
2. Ray Sinclair – The driving force behind our sales as the Sales Manager.
3. Moyna Sinclair – Our Purchasing Manager who is key to our procurement process.

Combined, the trio brings an astounding 111 years of seasoned experience in the electronics industry to the table. This wealth of knowledge and experience guides our strategies and operations.

Ray Sinclair, who kickstarted his journey in the electronics industry back in 1964, has held significant purchasing roles in some of the largest UK manufacturing firms. Furthermore, he has worn various hats in component distribution roles. Since 1981, he has been steering his own electronics businesses, ably supported by his wife, Moyna.

Moyna Sinclair started her electronics career in 1966 as a buyer in a leading UK manufacturing enterprise. Since 1981, she has been collaborating with Ray, bringing her considerable purchasing experience to the business.

Richard Sinclair joined the family venture in 1998 and ascended to the role of Managing Director in 2010, before the company underwent a management takeover in 2011.

Godiac was born out of the shared vision of Ray, Moyna, and Richard. They identified a gap in the market for a company devoted to finding and supplying hard-to-find electronic components and stepped up to fill it. They envisioned a company that goes above and beyond to find virtually any component needed, yet small enough to provide outstanding customer service.

We are committed to a continuous improvement approach, relentlessly pursuing ways to enhance our service offering, broaden our product portfolio, and cater to our customers’ needs in the shortest time frame possible.

Godiac Ltd upholds the highest standards in its operations, as evidenced by its ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certifications. Our commitment to quality and environmental sustainability is unwavering, and these certifications serve as a testament to this dedication. Our certificates can be conveniently downloaded via the link below.

We believe that maintaining our commitment to the highest levels of customer service is integral to our business model. Our dedication to forging close relationships with our clients is an essential part of our business ethos. We are always here to offer support, advice, and expertise, ensuring you receive the best possible service at all times.

Our operations at Godiac are spearheaded by a philosophy of service excellence. We are continuously exploring and implementing better ways to serve our customers, expand our product range, and respond to our customers’ needs in the most efficient and timely manner. The feedback from our esteemed clients is critical in this endeavour, as we always look to understand your unique needs and preferences in a bid to improve our offerings.

The core team at Godiac is as versatile as it is experienced. With a wide array of expertise in electronics, purchasing, and management, we bring a wealth of hands-on experience to every aspect of our operations. This enables us to understand and solve the unique challenges our clients face, ensuring that we remain a preferred partner for all their electronic components’ needs.

At Godiac, we are also keenly aware of our environmental responsibilities. We have earned the ISO 14001 certification for our dedicated Environmental Management System (EMS). This means that our operations are designed to minimise our environmental footprint while maximising efficiency and quality in our service delivery. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected not only in our business practices but also in our products.

In the realm of quality management, Godiac proudly holds the ISO 9001 certification, signalling our dedication to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and maintaining high-quality processes. Our commitment to meeting international standards and our rigorous focus on quality assurance are fundamental to the delivery of high-quality products and services to our valued clients.

Our valued clients can download our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications by clicking on the link provided below. These certificates serve as proof of our adherence to quality management and environmental standards, embodying our commitment to business excellence.

At Godiac, we are more than just a business. We are a team, a family, striving to provide the best service to our clients while maintaining our commitment to the highest ethical standards and environmental sustainability. We look forward to growing with you and serving your needs for many years to come.